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about Rosi weisse

Rosi Weiße is a freelance designer with great passion for products and brands.

She studied at Reutlingen University (Bachelor of Arts in Transportation Interior Design) and at the Bergische Universität in Wuppertal, where she graduated with a Diploma in Industrial Design & Design Strategy.
As a freelance designer, she now works for renowed design studios such as Phoenix Design or Anton Design Studio as well as for several clients in the german industry.




animo | sensible order

When storing food, we fall back on using systems, that don‘t serve our demands regarding emotional aesthetics and functionality at all.

animo“ is a system, that stages visually appealing aliments appropriately and gives the user the possibility to build his own unique order by moving the individual elements. The permanent presence of the food that is stored, leads to a better overview: 
Amount and best-before-dates won‘t get out of sight anymore.

The established grid, existing of drawers and cupboards, gives way to a flexible ordersystem, which combines storing fresh & durable food at the same time with aesthetics and communication.
animo“ develops food into a design-feature of the kitchenarea - 
which is just the focus it deserves.

high-end audio | record one

The turntable RecordOne wants to be seen as an experimental introduction into the world of analogue high-end audio.

It can be assembled within only a few movements:
The product is designed to be easily carried around within the living area, to have different surrounding-scenarios and therefore different sound-experiences  tested. 

The glass-pedestals are supposed to be filled with the provided material, such as  styrofoam, neoprene or lead-semolina. By trying the diffent absorption characteristics of these material, the customer is able to hear subtle differences in sound so he can enjoy his favorite setting afterwards.  

By experimenting with materials, high-quality sound audio becomes a learning experience.

smart light | coletto

Coletto (coletto = italian for collar) the atmospheric light is a lamp, that cannot only change its entire appearance by being manually formed: It can also change the whole lighting scenario in a room within that.

Instead of adjusting the amount of light through electric dimming, the user can create a change of the light-situation simply byturning the "collar" inside out.

The elastic opaque mantle of the lamp can be regulated smoothly and steplessly.

The fine metal-mesh on the inside guarantees an emotional scattering of the LED-lights underneath.


Rosi Weiße
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rosi weisse
im haldenhau 3 | 70565 stuttgart
+49 . (0)160 . 677 56 71

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